Get Peace of Mind

Get Peace of Mind

Schedule air quality testing services in North New Jersey, Montclair, NJ and surrounding areas of Essex County, NJ

If your allergies are through the roof or you've been unusually tired recently, poor indoor air quality might be to blame. When you hire us to test your indoor air quality, we'll take air samples, send those samples to an accredited lab and notify you of the results within seven days. The test results will determine if there are hazardous bacteria, toxins or mold growths in your home.

Turn to Garden State Preservation Services, LLC for professional air quality testing services in the North New Jersey and surrounding Essex County, NJ area. Indoor air quality testing can help identify costly water damage in your attic, crawl space or garage. We'll be sure to test every area of your home for a wide variety of issues.

3 good reasons to make an air quality testing appointment

Garden State Preservation Services specializes in air quality testing in North New Jersey and surrounding areas. Air quality testing is the first step toward:

  • Identifying leaks and water damage
  • Improving the health of your family
  • Reducing your heating and cooling costs

Get in touch with us today to ask any questions about our air quality testing services.