Is Your Home Completely Free of Mold?

Is Your Home Completely Free of Mold?

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Choose Garden State Preservation Services, LLC for mold testing services in North New Jersey and surrounding areas. Mold is always present to a certain extent. The important part of mold remediation is to ensure that all of the mold containing harmful toxins is removed efficiently. After your mold remediation, our experts can return and conduct a mold clearance test that checks for any further signs of mold. We'll make sure your mold remediation was done properly and that no harmful mold remains in your home.

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Make sure mold was removed correctly

Garden State Preservation Services can conduct your mold clearance test in the North New Jersey and Essex County, NJ area. Mold clearance testing is important because it:

  • Holds remediators accountable
  • Ensures that your home is free of harmful mold
  • Gives you peace of mind

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