Worried About Mold?

Worried About Mold?

Arrange for expert mold inspection services in North New Jersey, Montclair, NJ and surrounding areas of Essex County, NJ

Mold can cause damage to your home and lead to health issues for everyone who lives there. Contact us if you suspect mold is growing in your house. Garden State Preservation Services, LLC provides mold inspection services in North New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Our highly-trained mold inspectors can conduct a non-invasive visual inspection of your entire home, from the crawl space and to the attic. We can also take samples and perform mycotoxin tests that are guaranteed to identify the presence of mold in your home.

Contact us right away if you're selling a home, considering purchasing a home or concerned that mold is taking over your home. If there's mold in your house, our mold inspection experts will locate and remediate it to help you avoid a variety of health concerns.

Don't ignore water damage around your home

Worried about your mold inspection cost? Don't be. Garden State Preservation Services offers affordable mold inspection prices in North New Jersey and surrounding Essex County, NJ area. You should make a mold inspection appointment if:

  • You notice a musty, unusual smell
  • You're thinking about buying or selling a home
  • You're battling allergy symptoms
  • You notice water damage
  • You see mold in your home

Find out how much your mold inspection will cost by calling 908-481-4010 today. We'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.