Say Goodbye to Harmful Mold

Say Goodbye to Harmful Mold

Get reliable mold remediation services in North New Jersey, Montclair, NJ and surrounding areas of Essex County, NJ

Mold can be extremely difficult to get rid of if it isn't removed properly. You can depend on Garden State Preservation Services, LLC to complete your mold removal project in north NJ or surrounding areas. We have the tools and experience needed to remove harmful mold from your home quickly so you can start living comfortably again. Due to legal provisions, our certified mold remediator can only remediate the mold in your home if another service did your mold inspection.

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Be sure you hire a professional mold remediation company

Garden State Preservation Services does mold remediation work in the North New Jersey area. You should hire a certified mold removal company because we:

  • Use professional mold tests
  • Can locate the source of your mold infestation
  • Can tell you how to prevent future mold problems
  • Can remove mold from anywhere in your home, quickly and efficiently

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